Maintenance Services

We are in the business of extending the economic life of your electrical equipment and installations, whatever they may be. We are committed to delivering the highest quality maintenance services, the highest level of industry knowledge and the broadest range of experience.

Measure, manage and maintain. Once we have secured a site, based on these principles, we add a fourth - manipulate. This mantra dominates our culture. This is where we add further value and extend the life of your asset or 'bridge' it across a new technology.

We highlight and predict obsolescence; anticipate the future application of new technologies and constantly search for energy saving opportunities to save you money.

Our 24/7 maintenance services, dedicated to maintaining the reliability of our customers assets are available to every customer from all of our service centres. We are comfortable operating as the head contractor and are fully capable of bringing in specialised consultants or sub contractors as requiired.

Our Maintenance Services include:

  • 24/7 Breakdown Service
  • IQP Inspections
  • Re-lamping
  • Energy Audits & Management
  • Planned Maintenance Programs & Planners
  • Backup / Emergency Power Systems
  • Shut Down Maintenance & Planning
  • Outsourced Maintenance Solutions
  • Electronic Repair
  • Test & Tag
  • Instrumentation
  • Semi-skilled Site Services
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