Automation Services

With increasing frequency applied electrical technology is at the core of our integrated Powerful Solutions. The innovative application of technology is needed by customers seeking to remain competitive in industries or services they once easily dominated.

Applied technology, as illustrated by customer testimonials can and does make the difference in cutting time, costs and emissions; delivering consistent quality; harvesting by products; and future proofing customers' businesses. All while making them more energy efficient.

When Singer first opened its doors, we made a difference and added value to our customer's operations by providing consistent and reliable power. We then moved to delivering that service quicker and more efficiently, to meet market demands.

Today our customers want leading edge technology applied to Powerful Solutions to solve their problems, often without stopping their production.

This technology focused segment of our service portfolio is recognised as having the top skills and experience in local industry and accounts for the technology partnership we have with both Siemens and Schneider Electric.

Our Automation Services include:

  • PLC Installation & Programming
  • Schneider Electric Vijeo Citect SCADA - Gold Partner
  • VSD Installation and Commissioning
  • Siemens Solution Partner - Wireless Safety Systems
  • Building Services Automation
  • Generator Control Systems
  • Visual Monitoring & Control Systems
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