March 10 - April 10 - Sole Safety Solution Partner

Sept 09 - Oct 09 - Singer In Tune with Preparing Eden Park
The Singer team's involvement in the reconstruction of Eden Park Stadium for the 2011 Rugby World Cup

June 09 - July 09 - Taking Ghosts Out of the Cargo Machine
Singer's involvement in a major integrated safety project for one of New Zealand's largest export cargo operations

Apr 09 - May 09 - Braemar Hospital Green to Go
Singer's Hamilton team is in the final stages of completing the new private hospital for Braemar Charitable Trust

Feb 09 - Mar 09 - Support for 'Green' Initiatives
Singer employees show their support for energy-efficiency

Dec 08 - Jan 09 - Delivering Dollars & Sense
Singer delivers 'win-win energy efficient green power' to customers wanting tailored solutions.

Oct 08 - Nov 08 - Core Values Underpin Water Treatment Partnership
Singer 'Panda' evolves from the creation of an improved wastewater environmental monitoring system

Aug 08 - Sept 08 - Business School Off-Key
Harmonics create an 'off-key note' for many major organisations.

June 08 - July 08 - Creatively Addressing Capacity Constraint
It doesn't get much better than teaching the Aussies a thing or two. Especially if it comes after a Chappell-Hadlee hiding or even, thanks to Robbie Deans, a Bledisloe Cup loss.

April 08 - May 08 - Two Singer Group Goals Pull Together
Kevin Kevany finds out whether Singer's two ambitious goals have succeeded.

Feb 08 - Mar 08 - Oh, So Close.....And Still The Cigar
Kevin Kevany reports on the world record that was very nearly broken by the Singer team.

The Maintenance Men
Singer's Maintenance and Electrical design services are committed to saving customers' money before and after they throw the switch.

All In A Night's Work
Lighting is a major factor in the shopping experience in the 21st century, and 24/7 supermarkets especially want to be seen in the 'best possible light.

Things 'Go Sweet' For Singer at Chelsea Sugar
Gazing across the Waitemata harbour at the pink Chelsea Sugar Refinery, you'd probably think nothing much changes in that peaceful environment. However, behind that historic exterior is a modern and efficient operation.

Visypak's $10-million Upgrade
No room for slip-ups, high maintenance bills or missing deadlines at Visypak

Singer 'Goes to School'

Ingenuity Triumphs at Business School

Counting Down To D-Day

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