Industrial Market

The key to our success in this growing market has been our leading edge skill in making the process 'visible' to the operators and controllers of industrial processes, boosting safety and improving production efficiencies.

Our key partnerships with the global giants, Siemens and Schneider Electric, have further strengthened our ability to apply the very latest technology from around the world to implement suitable local solutions in this market.

Our automation and applied electrical technology Powerful Solutions are being harnessed in the water, waste water, marine and petroleum industries, to name a few.

Factory optimisation is at the heart of New Zealand's race to improve productivity to compete globally. We have set ourselves the challenge of ensuring that the more sophisticated we make the processing and packaging production lines, the simpler and more visual we make the human interface.

Singer is making innovative and practical contributions to improving New Zealand's industrial sector's productivity through optimised resource and energy usage.

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