Singer was one of the first to recognise the inherent value of being 'green' and opting for sustainable practice. Following the strategy of assess, plan and optimise, we apply electrical technology to re-engineer existing equipment and installations, delivering energy efficiency and cost savings.

Our achievements in delivering Powerful Solutions across the broad spectrum of our customers in this rapidly expanding aspect of the electrical industry, has shown us, first-hand the phenomenal efficiencies that can be achieved with new technology.

It is estimated that more than 60% of operations and maintenance expenses are for energy use alone and can be reduced by up to 20% through more efficient product selection, monitoring and maintenance.

What we are finding very exciting is the increasing number of our customers interested in 'light harvesting', building management systems, SCADA systems and looking at options for retrofitting more energy efficient equipment. This drives energy usage costs down, and contributes to a less wasteful society and a cleaner world.


Singer is driven to help all energy consumers via technology to realise sustainable energy saving that will reduce our national electricity consumption figures.

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